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PIR sensor fixture

Product information

  • casing: plastic
  • colour: white
  • maximum horizontal operation angle for movement sensor is 360°
  • maximum movement detection range is 9m
  • maximum verical operational angle for movement sensor is 140°
  • movement detection: 0.3…3m/s (1…10km/h)
  • possibility of fitting lighting time control from 8s to 8min
  • sensitivity adjustment range of 5…2000lx
  • setting ambient illumination level at which the equipment operates


Technical parameters

220-240V supply Rated frequency 50/60Hz wattage max 1200VA clamp 0,5 x 1,5 mm2 protection against solid objects over 12mm applicable indoors II protection class permitted mounting on flamable regular surface weight 60g conformity with European standards

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